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Tom & Anna VanDerHeide
Vice President Candidate letter:

Dear WestShore DeColores Secretariat and Community,

   We made our weekends in 2007, #48 and #49. We began serving on the board as church contacts that same year. Over the past 11 years, we have served on weekends in may ways and this ministry has become very important to us.

   Though there have been many changes, and ups and downs, we believe that the heart of this ministry is as it has always been...To know Christ and to make Him known.

   We have come to know many great Christian men and women through this ministry over the years who have loved and encouraged us. Some who have become family to us.

   In 2011 we were called to serve as your Vice President. At the same time, my husband was called to serve as Rector of weekend #70. In 2012 we served as President. We were truly blessed by that experience, even though it had its challenges. In 2013 we served as Past President couple and I was called to serve as Rectoress of weekend #80. 

   Since then, we have continued to serve on weekends and on the board as God directed us. Over the last few months, God has been speaking to me about the Vice President position once again.

   At first I argued with God and did not mention it to my husband. I was not sure if my heart was ready. God assured me that my heart is ready and that He is holding us in the palm of His hand. I finally did mention it to my husband, and to my surprise (really should not have been a surprise) God had been speaking to him too.

   We continued to pray about this and spoke with our children, who are supportive. We believe we have received confirmation from two separate people, that this is clearly what God has called us to do.

   We humbly submit our names to serve as your next Vice President Couple. We thank you in advance as you prayerfully consider us for this position.

May God bless You Always,

Tom and Anna VanDerHeide

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