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Spiritual Director Update Form

Dear Spiritual Director,

We greatly appreciate you and your service to WestShore DeColores Ministries.  We are a family, a unique interfaith community, and you are such a vital part. The Spiritual Director position on the team is unique.  Because of your calling and training, we look to you to help lay sound doctrinal foundations in your talks, to help build community in the team, and to provide counseling to the team and candidates.  


Please complete the form below to update your personal or professional information. If you are applying to become a Spiritual Director for WestShore DeColores, we will respond to you shortly to set up a time for an interview. 

Thank you again for your service!  You are loved and appreciated!  DeColores!

Spiritual Director Requirements

To view the current requirement for Spiritual Directors as stated in our Bylaws,


Are You...
Have you successfully completed theological training in accordance with your denomination, AND, are you ordained or the equivalent by your denomination?

If the answer to the above question was “No”: 

Are you currently pursuing the educational requirements for your denomination?
OR, have you served or are you currently serving in a spiritual capacity in a congregation in your denomination for a period of six (6) months prior to being asked to serve on this weekend?
OR, have you served successfully in a spiritual capacity as a pastor of an organized Christian church for a minimum of three (3) years within the last five (5) years?

Do you uphold the following tenets?

Do you believe in the inerrancy and infallibility of scripture?
Do you uphold the traditional biblical view of marriage as being ONLY between one man and one woman?
Do you uphold the sanctity of life beginning at conception?
Do you believe the atoning work of Jesus Christ to be the only means of salvation?  

If you answered "No" to any of the above four questions, or, if you feel there may be exceptions to the above, please explain:

Do you have any particular circumstances that you would like the Executive Board or the prospective Rector or Rectoress to be aware of?  (E.g.  Gone in winter, prefer to only work one weekend per year, other???) 

Thanks for submitting!

Our purpose: 

   To encourage and equip men and women 

   to serve Jesus Christ more effectively

   at home, at church, and in the world.

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