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Want to Work Form

The purpose of this form is to give all Crucistas an idea of the types of volunteer jobs that are available on the inside teams, outside teams, and the secretariat, and an opportunity to select those jobs that best fit their talents. These forms will then be put in the “Want to Work” database, which is used by every Rector or Rectoress as an aid to team selection.

Please fill out your information 

and click the positions you would be interested in working.

Please select Male or Female
Are You a Military Veteran?
Have You Attended a 4th Day Workshop?
Inside Team Positions
Choose the positions you would like to work.
Rector or Rectoress
Co-Rector or Co-Rectoress
Head Coordinator
Head Cha-Cha
Head Cook
Rollista (Give a Talk)
Auxillary (Angel)
Prayer Warrior
Spiritual Director
Outside Team Positions
Choose the positions you would like to work.
Holy Hour Host
Holy Hour Video
Closing Host
Clean Up Crew
24 Hour Prayer Palanca
Kitchen Help Coordinator
Make Weekend Banner
Make Team & Candidate Stoles
Make Spiritual Director Stoles
Make Table Decorations
Work Security
Sponsor Chapel Host
Photography Skills
Artistic Skills
Music Skills
Computer Skills
Secretariat Positions
Choose the positions you would like to work.
Vice President
Newsletter Editor
Men's Registration
Women's Registration
Supply Coordinator
Equipment Coordinator
Food Inventory Coordinator
National Board Representative
Church Contact
Spiritual Advisor

Thanks for submitting!

Our purpose: 

   To encourage and equip men and women 

   to serve Jesus Christ more effectively

   at home, at church, and in the world.

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