Secretariat Members - 2019

President Couple

Tom & Anna VanderHeide

Tom 616.520.7180

Anna 616.299.2986

Vice President Couple

Past President Couple

Carl & Kim Fiorenzo


Sharon Pimpleton


Jon Rees

Spiritual Adviser

Pastor Trent Hansen

Men’s Registration

         Ron Pimpleton

Women’s Registration

Nikki Hansen *

* Phone #’s for Registration couples can be found on the Candidate Application (download on home page).

Newsletter Editor

Connie Noom

National Board Representatives


Equipment Coordinator

Nathan Devenport

Food Inventory Coordinators

Linda Gerber  

Supply Coordinators

Tracy Johnson   


Annette Krusinsky

Renewal Committee Representative

Linda Knapp 




Dayton Center Wesleyan

Nikki Hanson 

Ravenna Baptist

Anna VanDerHeide

Hope Church 

  CJ & Trish Adsit

Shiloh Tabernacle   

Annette Krusinsky 


Holton United Methodist Church 

  Tony & Diane Travis

Our purpose: 

   To encourage and equip men and women 

   to serve Jesus Christ more effectively

   at home, at church, and in the world.