“Behold, how good and how pleasant it is   for brethren to dwell together in unity!”                            ~  Psalm 133:1 NKJV .

WestShore DeColores

WestShore DeColores Ministries, P.O. Box 961, Grand Haven, MI 49417 Copyright © 2015 WestShore DeColores Ministries Vote for the Vice President Couple for WestShore DeColores Secretariat for 2018 Please vote only once per person.   If you are married, please cast your votes separately.   Letters from each candidate are available below for your review.

Vice President Candidate Letter (#1)

From:  Carl and Kim Fiorenzo

Dear DeColores Community and Board,                                                                                                      November 2017

It is an honor and privilege to serve this ministry, and we joyfully submit our names for VP couple. We have been faithful to this ministry for many years and have loved “most” minutes of it. :)

We believe the Lord has given us the talent and direction to lead as Vice President Couple and then President Couple of WestShore DeColores.

Our goal as both VP and President is to bring unity to our community with love and truth as directed by our Lord Jesus Christ, rise up the next generation and help equip them to be leaders in our community; also reaching out to community members that have not been active in recent years helping them to reengage and be part of our wonderful ministry.


Made weekend #64 – Ken Scarth (Aug. 2010)


#66 Mark Jennings (March 2011) – Cha

#70 Tom VanderHiede ( Sept. 2011) – Study talk

#72 Dan Smith (March 2012) – Cook

#76 Chet Mitchell (Sept. 2012) – Head Cook

#84 Darryl Bonebrake (Jan. 2014) – Study talk

#86 Leonard Bathrick (June 2014) – Head Cook

#93 Ernie Whitlow (March 2015) – Head Cook

#102 Kevin Wilson (March 2017) –Head Cook

#108 Donavan Clover (Nov. 2018) – Head Cook (TBD)

Renewal #3 Erb Younts - Prayer Warrior

Rectored Weekend #94 – Sept. 2015

2016 to present - President of National DeColores

As President of the National DeColores Board (Term as President ends January 1, 2018), I have gained valuable knowledge and experience through navigating difficult situations and disagreements with other secretariats, where collectively we were able to break down the issues at hand, find common ground and resolve those issues.


Made weekend #41 – Terry Rutzen (Oct. 2005)


#62 Sue Neading (Feb. 2010) – Coord

#68 Vicky Jensen (June 2011) – Action talk

#73 Annette Krusinsky (May 2012) – Action talk

#77 Melissa Lein (Oct. 2012) – Piety talk

Kim continued:

#81 Jamie Nusz (Aug. 2013) – Environment talk

#88 Linda Knapp (Nov. 2014) – Head Coord

#100 Lindsey Ferreira (Oct. 2016) – Angel

Renewal #4 Vicky Jensen (April 2012) – Prayer Warrior

Renewal #14 Vickie Miles (April 2017) – Refuel the Fire talk

2017 Renewal Comm. Rep. (Board member)


#81 Jeff Whitlow – Holy Hour Hosts

2011 Attended 4th Day Work Shop

We have both served on outside teams: Kitchen help, 24 Hour prayer, Guard duty, and participated in serving meals during weekends, attending Holy Hours, Prayer, and closings.

We also have countless hours shopping, prep, cooking and serving reflection dinner meals along with setting up reflection dinner table and clean up.

*Since 2010, we have either worked, served and or attended every Westshore weekend.

We humbly submit ourselves to the authority of Jesus Christ and in that would serve this community to the best of our ability.

Thank you….

In Christ,

Carl and Kim Fiorenzo


Your First & Last Name

Duane and Connie Noom

Please Vote for One Couple:

Carl and Kim Fiorenzo

Votes will be accepted

until 5:00 PM on Sunday

December 10, 2017

There are 3 letters below for your review:

Vice President Candidate Letter (#2)

From:  Duane and Connie Noom

Dear WestShore DeColores Community,

We humbly come before you asking to be your next Vice President Couple. Our qualifications are as follows: We made our weekends in 2011 numbers 68 and 70. We both have served on several weekends which included being Coordinators and Rollista’s as well as attended 4th Day Workshops, and served as Rectoress of weekend 101. Our God is a powerful and mighty Lord, who can move mountains as well as lead us through whispers. We are lead by the Holy Spirit to serve. We believe the Holy Spirit has led us to put in this letter and come before the community to consider us as your next Vice President Couple. We ask that the community pray before you cast your vote for the next Vice President Couple and follow what the Holy Spirit calls you to do. DeColores.

Yours In Christ

Duane and Connie Noom

Vice President Candidate Letter (#3)

From:  Jeff and Mary Whitlow

Dear WestShore DeColores Secretariat and Community,

At the prompting of the Holy Spirit, we humbly  request that you consider us for Vice-President Couple for 2018.

I made my original weekend in 1986. It was EnChristo #58. We have both been involved in WestShore since Mary made weekend #63 in 2010. Since then, we have both served on the Secretariat, first as church contacts together, then I served as newsletter editor for about 4 years and then as Renewal Committee rep. Mary is currently serving as church contact for Shiloh Tabernacle.

We have both served on many weekends in many different positions, both inside and outside team. I had the privilege of Rectoring weekend #82 in 2013 and Co-Rectoring weekend #91 in 2015. Mary was privileged to Rectoress weekend #87 in 2014.

We have both been so blessed by this ministry, and now, after much prayer, feel it is time to step forward to a leadership position to help direct this ministry so it can continue to bless others.

Thank you for your consideration,

Jeff and Mary Whitlow